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Variety of Services in Prince Albert

prescription medicine drugs

My Pharmacy offers a variety of services that go above and beyond most other pharmacies in the area. For all of our patient’s prescriptions, we offer free delivery to their home.

Compliance Packaging

Our pharmacists will fulfill compliance packaging free of charge, which includes putting a patient’s medication in blister packs, labeled and prepared for easy management.

Counseling Room

My Pharmacy in Prince Albert has a counseling room. This is where we fulfill both SMAP (Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program) and non-SMAP assessments. Our pharmacists will sit down with patients 65 or older who are on 5 or more medications and do an intense counselling session to assess what the problems are, determine if they’re using the medications properly, and find out if there are other alternatives.

Dedicated Compounding Room

The experienced pharmacists at My Pharmacy work in our dedicated compounding room, where they prepare medication not available in commercial concentration (for example, capsule making for medication not available in the strength people need). We also offer sterile compounding, which includes medication preparation for injections for palliative care.

Minor Ailment Prescribing

Experiencing allergy symptoms? Feel like you have a cold, stomach bug, or not sure what’s wrong? You may be able to skip the doctor’s office and get a prescription for a minor ailment by coming directly to our pharmacy. We’ll work with you to complete a self-diagnosis and simple tests; then write you a prescription. Diaper rash and insect bites and many other minor ailments are often cured easily through this service.

Hearing Services

Miracle-Ear provides a number of hearing services for our patients, with hearing clinics 2 to 4 times a month. They also provide free hearing tests to determine if you need hearing aids and hearing aid demonstrations. For appointments, please call 1-800-836-8088.

Flu Shots and Immunizations

Catherine Liedtke has received the education and been certified to administer flu shots and immunizations. While flu shots are currently paid for by the prescription drug plan, immunizations are available to patients with prescription at a cost.

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